Baseball & Softball Clinics

Multi-Use Practice Tunnels

Practice batting, pitching, and fielding at your own pace!

Ten multi-use practice tunnels available.

Each tunnel is 70 feet long and 15 feet wide, allowing for greater ball travel.

Equipped with an adjustable Pitching Machine, L-Screen (for live batting practice or hand toss), and Pitching Mound.

Suitable for individual or team pitching and hitting needs.

Batting Cages at Extra Innings
Half Hour Rental $20
Full Hour Rental $35
(all one-hour)
2 Tunnels, 1 Circuit Training Area $90
2 Tunnels, 2 Circuit Training Areas $110
2 Tunnels, 3 Circuit Training Areas $130

Cages are available year-round on a walk-in basis during standard hours of operation, however reservations are strongly recommended.

For more info or to book your tunnel, call 215-245-4450 today!

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